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Passion Projects In Action

Passion Projects In Action

Passion Projects In ActionPassion Projects In ActionPassion Projects In Action

Do you want to make a difference in Eagle County.  Join Valley's Voice.


Current Project List

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Learn What We Do

Watch this quick video that explains how Valley's Voice works and how you can become involved in one of the projects listed below.  

Request Youth Input

If you or your organization would like to request a project or to get a youth perspective on an issue, please click the "Request" button below and fill out our short form.  

Our Projects

Youth Master Plan


Be part of a team to discover the healthy activities that already exist in Eagle County, determine where/how more can be added and then work to develop solutions.

Substance Use


Tired of kids vaping in the bathroom?  Want to share information about the harm that alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs can have on the developing brain?  You determine your project!

Mental Health


It is no secret that young people face mental health challenges starting from who to talk to when the world gets tough all the way to young people who use substances because they seek an escape.  This project field is wide open!

Our Environment


Who is taking care of our Earth?  How is it getting done?  What do we need in Eagle County?  This could be your project space.  



Let's talk about how to normalize a population of people who have been on the fringe for too long.  We all belong and contribute to Eagle County's character.  Maybe this project is for you?

Tobacco 21


So, Eagle County raised the purchasing age to 21 for nicotine products.  Yeah!  Now, how do we educate the public on the benefits of adding a tax?  This project has just begun and maybe you are the right person for the job!

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